Snak Shed’s new look has been designed to incorporate consumer’s
growing interest in sustainable packaging and the nations favourite snacks!

At Snak Shed we are a fun-loving bunch who don’t take things too seriously.
But when it comes to the environment, we leave no stone unturned!

The biodegradable cups are 100% biodegradable since they are
completely plastic free. Made from corn starch,
they decompose over time in the right conditions.

Designed for those on-the-go, the Snak Shed cups are
the perfect fit for a lunch box, brief case, sports bag or road trip!

Snak Shed’s flavours use carefully sourced ingredients from
across the world which are then hand packed in the UK to create
the honest snacking experience that Snak Shed brings.

Keep an eye out for the new products launching during the year
and join us in our quest to reduce plastic pollution by
purchasing a Snak Shed cup to conquer your cravings!

Snak Shed remains a brand by Springvale Foods
so is exclusively available from the Springvale Website.